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    Default MT MT 1/6 Geralt

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    I'm in !! If you are going to use default armor from the game

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    not my brand, It’s my friend’s

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    Take my money now. I'm so in.

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    Thanks for the news Jack! I already have a 1/6 Geralt but if your friends quality is as high as yours, then I would happily buy a better version. That head sculpt is already a solid indicator that this version will probably be superior and instantly preordered.

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    Definitely have to keep an eye on this. Head sculpt looks great.
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    Ohhhhh I’m in!

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    wow that is a really nice head sculpt!

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    I had the Prime 1 statue but due to space I had to get rid of it since I usually only collect 1/6 or smaller pieces. I was always puzzled that Hot Toys or Sideshow never picked up the Witcher 3 license as it seemed like a no brainer. I have no clue who this company is but I sincerely hope it is worth whatever the asking price may be cause I need a 1/6 Geralt in my collection.

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    So do these guys have a proper company or is this going to be one of those ultra limited super expensive items?

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