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    Default Re: Speculation : Hot Toys "The Mandalorian" Figures

    I love all the ingredients I'm seeing in that show,specially the fact it's about a mandalorian and not about Rebels/Resistance good guys. Also killer design, so doubt about buying the figure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smudger9 View Post
    Sadly it’s the world we now live in. When exposed to something new people now tend to ask themselves 2 questions.
    1. Why shouldn't I be offended by this?
    2. Is there any reason not to hate this?
    Minor corrections. Although most just skip the questioning.

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    Even if I like the show, I don't think I'll go beyond movies. They are already a fortune.

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    This picture is more impressive to me than Jango. I don’t collect Mandolorian figures, but if I did this would be the one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fantasticfrog View Post
    Not a single figure, even if I like the show.
    Release the Death Star trooper!
    I would be happier to see the Death Star Trooper go up for order.

    So many OT figures that I want from Hot Toys/Sideshow.
    Star Wars fan / Everton fan

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smudger9 View Post
    Sadly it’s the world we now live in. When exposed to something new people now tend to ask themselves 2 questions.
    1. Can I be offended by this?
    2. Is there any reason to hate this?

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    Nota Fett, the TV series?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wor-Gar View Post
    A lot of guys in Mando armor running around the galaxy as bounty hunters.

    This one is probably Fett's sister, Booba Fett.
    Booba fett, I would get that figure. Hot toys makes squishy boobies. Go test your leia or jyn figures.
    I’ll wait...
    Seriously though, I’m fine with the show, just wouldn’t buy the figures.
    Plus, maybe booba fett is why han and leia aren’t together in tfa. Maybe han went off the reservation and took a trip to mandalore.

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    Back to the initial question, it's completely viable that they have the license for this, they made Netflix figures as well as Agent Coulson so you'd imagine that it'd fall under the umbrella of their licensing. Given though how HT loves to pump fans up for possibilities even down to prototypes that never get made, I would imagine that you'll probably get "The Mandolorian" whomever that character ends up being just because it's so closely resembling Boba Fett so the amount of R&D needed is low but for the rest of the series, it'll really depend on how big of a hit it becomes. I wouldn't be shocked if they made the Mando and then just moved on.

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    Yeah you're probably right. At best also a sidekick droid or villain perhaps. However this will no doubt go for multiple seasons if it's a hit. So there's that upside too.

    There will also probably be a bit of time until the next movie after Ep9 right ? Unless they announce one of the B&W movies for Dec 2020. But this will leave HT relatively empty for OT figures. PT still have some to be done but not a huge amount.

    I'm still hoping HT gets to some OT aliens if there are some in this TV series. Sort of ride off the series hype. That would be sweet.

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    The mandalorian isn't netflix at all.
    It will be spearheading the Disney Play offering next year, alongside the simpsons, Episode 9 and all the MCU.

    As its produced by disney you can be sure they'll be hot toys of it.

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