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    Default Chrome spray available in UK for 1/4 T-800

    Chrome spray available in UK

    Looking to spray a 1/4 NECA T-800, see many chrome spray paints but most have reviews that are either "its silver not chrome" or "not very chrome"

    I wonder has anyone found a good spray tin chrome paint that really does give a chrome look.


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    Spaz Stix Mirror Chrome, when applied properly, is probably the best you'll get from an aerosol spray.

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    Molotow chrome pens have a mirrored chrome finish. You can empty the paint into an airbrush to apply it. Can be clearcoated after 72 hours with Pledge with Future.
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    Look at C1 Metalizer powder as an alternative. It's a bit like graphite powder which is applied over a painted base and then buffed. Over a good gloss black base it comes out as a very nice chrome effect, and surprisingly durable. Messy to apply mind.

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