. Not to toot my own horn, but, I have the funniest action figure/collectible show on YouTube! This isn't just another big-box store - scan the shelves with an I-phone channel, I go deep into this hobby with reviews, display strategies, room tours and so much more, all with the levity and humorous context a man in his 40s who still loves toys should have! If you love both vintage and modern/premium Star Wars, Transformers, DC comics, Star Trek and 1970-80s nostalgia in general please check out my channel, Knick-Knack's Plastic Planet! I have a lot of great and loyal subscribers but I need to grow this channel further and as a long-time forum member, I would love the support of the fine folks here at Sideshow Freaks!

Thanks so much and please consider subscribing, cause it takes two seconds and it's actually free and stuff.

Here is a link to my channel homepage as well as some of my favorite vids: