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    Default Re: Hot Toys MMS: Black Panther - T'Challa with Throne - Collectible Figure

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    No! No! I want this! Hot toys ignore these people!! I've been wanting a figure of this since the movie came out. Ill buy the prototype if need be! I want him and the throne!

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    Might look nice with T'Chaka

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    Quote Originally Posted by yodasan View Post
    Might look nice with T'Chaka
    My thoughts as well

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    Thinking about this one. IMO unusual e.g. no costume. The throne...fig would work well for my displays. Works with my CW T'challa...a maybe for me

    Need more pics!

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    I was hopeful that maybe a third party would make this clothing set or the all black one he wore in the movie to use the unmasked sculpt from the BP movie fig. I may try to pick this parted out. Although the throne will be hard to pass up, just to many figs coming to justify picking this up.

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    I hope the tailoring is a little nicer in the final product

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    Love this. Will make for a nice display piece.

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    Out of all of the reveals at comic con, this caught my interest. I'd definitely buy it just for the throne alone.

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