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I think he is fantastic! Definitely one of my favourite figures and possibly my fave figure of the character so far. HT have done an excellent job with the sculpt and the outfit is really nice too. Had loads of trouble with his arm though which just would not move and I was worried about breaking it, good old hairdryer did the trick though! Managed to snap a wrist peg too, something I haven't done for for absolutely ages!

Really happy to have him in my collection, surprised I put off ordering this one for so long, especially now that I have him in hand.

Not put him with the other figures in the detolf yet as I need to move some figures round so will do over the weekend...but here is a quick phone pic - pose not final! (p.s - sorry for bad light/pic quality!!!)
For sure IMO just a fantastic fig, so many great pics!

I didn't wait but WS is my fav MCU character. But who knew 'coz HT can be kind of uneven IMO in production - I even had some CW KO sculpts on hand just in case. I'm just happy I picked up more than one - don't do that for every fig, just the favs and only sometimes (like owning both Caps from CW and 2 Natashas). Bucky and Nat are always good 'coz u can change them up with weapons and it works IMO.