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    Default Re: Shooting the Galaxy's toy photography

    Few updates

    My Toy Photography

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    Hey everyone! I need your help and support! This photo of mine was chosen as a finalist for the audience choice award in the OFFICIAL Star Wars fan awards photography category. I'd really appreciate it if you guys would vote for me!

    Just follow the link below and give me some love

    My Toy Photography

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    ^ Nice photos Love that one of the dual - have voted for it!!

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    Holy crap. I had to take a second glance to realize that was NOT a screenshot from the movie. Nicely done!

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    Thanks guys!!
    My Toy Photography

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    Fantastic pic and voted!
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    The Beagle Strikes again!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darth Snoopy View Post
    Fantastic pic and voted!
    Thanks Snoopy! Voting ended a few days ago. Won't know the winners until Dec I believe.

    In the mean time, been snapping some Gundam

    My Toy Photography

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