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    Default Re: Hot Toys - MMS495 - Star Wars Episode II: AOTC - Yoda Collectible Figure

    i just bought him off of ebay for 175 plus shipping. wasn`t going to do PT figures. now i have him maul dooku obi-wan

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    He's still in-stock at Popcultcha. Comes out to $211 shipped to the U.S.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Skywalker(OG)Kush View Post
    Yoda is not waitlist only, last i checked he was up for po right now for nov-jan2021 release. It will be just a re-release no updates or changes will be made to the new batch much like their other reissues

    If it was just due to virus delays I doubt it would have been pushed back that far. The odds are they just didn't make enough of this guy, like IW Thor, Spiderman Homcomming Ironman Suit, and John Wick. My Prime 1 Wonder Woman's last payment was only moved back 1 month from Feb 20th to March 20th, if the virus was backing **** up that badly it would have been moved back much further.

    I hope my account goes from shipping soon to shipped with tracking before they close otherwise ill have to call them to confirm that everything is correct and no glitch on my account. I find it strange that i seem to be the only one whose waitlist converted but went straight to processing and now shipping soon status
    So are they making more of him or is it an issue on sideshow. I?m kind of confused. I know Hot Toys is pretty much shut down right now

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    Quote Originally Posted by chemicals View Post
    So are they making more of him or is it an issue on sideshow. I?m kind of confused. I know Hot Toys is pretty much shut down right now
    Yeah they're basically doing another production run of him.

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