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    Default Re: Customs section - Interest threads


    email Dave if you have any questions

    He will take care of you

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    Quote Originally Posted by ymba View Post

    email Dave if you have any questions

    He will take care of you

    I'm late to this party as well. You're telling me there's a new site where the projects have been moved to? Do we even need to pay for Premium Memberships on this site at this point? I stopped logging on since June.
    "And to what do I owe this dubious pleasure?"

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    Where can I find the new site
    (like me on facebook Mike M Zombie Labs)
    mike's zombie labs workshop customs /commissions
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    Your current password should work.

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    A whole new world out there in the custom
    world other than your garden variety Iron man
    And Avengers

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    I really don't get the point of this new site.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SwedishHeat View Post
    See, this is what's stupid about copyright law. It's supposed to last for 70 years. At this point, the Conan characters should be in public domain. According to my research, the copyright should've expired in 2002.

    But we've let corporate interests take advantage of the laws so they can own these works in perpetuity ... which was never the intent of the law.

    Write you local congressperson, people.
    Copyright law can last up to 120 years based on a lot of different circumstances. https://www.copyright.gov/circs/circ15a.pdf

    Writing your congressman won’t change that. The fact of the matter is they were making money off other people’s IP without paying dues for using them plain and simple, it’s infringement, it may not be popular here to take that view. However if the items in question could be considered “art” and the “artist” was taking that old art and making it new or putting their interpretation on it then it could possibly be considered fair use, this is how comic book artists create their own prints and art of existing IP such as Marvel and DC characters and sell them without being pursued legally. It’s hard to classify Hot Toys as art though, statues yes, figures would be a harder sell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chemicals View Post
    I really don't get the point of this new site.
    It’s better than Dave getting his pants sued off

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    Does anyone know where I can get a 1/6 tricycle for a 1/6 Billy puppet figure or makes them? Thnx!��

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