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    Default Re: Katsuhiro Otomo appreciation thread

    These are all great, thanks for this. It's hard to describe, but certain artists' work seems to come directly from a time long gone, where their vision was the only way to see these images. Contemporary digital effects give us an incredible cinematic spectacle that I'm very thankful for, but there was something about the time before and the talented, obsessive masters that rendered all that incredible imagery for us.

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    Otomo is appearing at next month's Anime Expo in Los Angeles.


    What the hell is an artist of his caliber doing attending such a ridiculous trash event? Not even one of the "guests of honor" comes close to his level, and the other "guests" are all a bunch of weebs and fat chicks in costumes. Unreal.

    I guess he was up for a paid vacation or something, but this just makes me cringe. I bet he signs stuff for these ungrateful bastards too. He never signs in Japan but he always seems willing in the States.

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    Very intrigued about the new manga based AKIRA anime series that Otomo just announced, especially if he'll be returning to direct. That will definitely help take the sting out of Watiti's version if the live-action version sucks.

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    That announcement was so vague, combined with Otomo's known slow pace for output, I wouldn't be surprised it that just plain never happens.

    I have high hopes for Orbital Era since it seems like it's already in production.

    The announcement I was most excited about was the "Otomo Complete Works" of his manga, but again, until I see concrete evidence that it's definitely on its way, I won't get my hopes up too high.

    Still....a very exciting time to be an Otomo fan!!

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