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    Default Re: Iron Studios 1/4 Yoda (ESB)

    You guys are excited about the way Yoda's head looks?

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    The pics both of the heads are grainy blown up shots.

    Relax friends, this looks like another home run from IS!

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    in IS we trust ! I have the myc version but will get this too.

    the best yoda portrait for me is the first attakus. hopefully this one doesn't disappoint !

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    Really awesome, I hope they did a good job like DV and Civil War Diorama

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    Second day preorder!!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by j97e1 View Post
    Second day preorder!!!!!
    I am going to sit around and wait and ponder ordering until it wait lists, then I'm going to drive myself nuts wondering if it will convert. Not that I've done that before or anything...

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    looks promising and I have no doubt IS will kill this one.. I still was more hoping they would do an Ep3 Obiwan or QuiGon... oh well

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    Pretty sure this will be a day 1 for me. IS has cemented my trust in their 1/4. I can't wait to see more of it.

    Hopefully there will be be more to this line, I'd like to see them take on a Luke & Leia, their portraits are so good.

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    The base on this looks very busy/over detailed.

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    I’ll order for sure but his face looks too humanoid. Too oval shaped head, eyes not large enough and not low enough to mouth. Green is off too. I’m sure they’ll change. They set the bar too high with Vader to not change this.

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