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    Default Marvel the Art of the Movie on Kindle preorders

    New for me...funny thing is just scored a decent copy of the "pricey" Art of the Winter Soldier at a marked-up price. So happy! I'd be the first to say, depending, no e-book replaces a well-produced book or comic book hardcopy - especially art books. But at the moment there's actually a 2,000$ listing for this book new OMG.

    But put a preorder in for the "Art of the Winter Soldier" and will order some others, because then I can read without having to worry about messing my hardcopy up. Looks like some of the Marvel books will release in December

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Just picked up the Kindle versions of WS and First Avenger last night. I have hardcopy TWS but First Avenger has some great stuff so happy to have that one in any form.

    Also on Amazon the prices for TWS hardcopy seem to be coming down - still *pricey* but not as insane as some I've seen.

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