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    Default Re: Hot Toys Justice League Wonder Woman

    It's a nice sculpt. Best available now.

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    Hopefully GACToys does a 2.0 version with a more gold tiara and scale up the head. Also, I wouldn’t be opposed to frowning up the brows.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jacerc130 View Post
    Nope, I was surprised by that as well. I've had to have a few replacement parts before and they always wanted me to take pictures of the part destroyed. This time they specifically said feel free to keep the part or discard at my discretion.

    Then when I got the part, I expected body and breastplate armor and nothing else and was surprised again that it had full armor, feet, and a set of hands on it.
    My figure arrives on Monday and I am scared about the staining. I've had a few people tell me it was stained out of the box like yours. I don't understand how. There's no way it's touching the robe, is there? Or are they sending returned figures?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Turtle882 View Post
    I just got the GACToys head. It is a great sculpt, but it seems a tad undersized. I'll leave it on her for a few days. It could be that after a few days the difference in size won't be that noticeable, but the difference in the sculpt is obvious. The hair is better than the HT hair too, but still no one can do better eyes than HT.
    Darn, the size is noticeably off? That may be a dealbreaker for me. How about the skin tone match?

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    After leaving it on a few days, the size seems fine. It's not noticeable after getting used to it, if that makes sense. The skin tone is a neat perfect match.

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