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    Default Re: Hot Toys Justice League Wonder Woman

    Quote Originally Posted by Drawbak View Post
    here we go. ---> which best matches JL WW body is my question
    Attachment 486374
    NGL.. the mouth made it look like a blow up doll.

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    Yeah I'm still not feeling that sculpt either. It just looks like the same BVS head... but with a wider mouth and after she got a lip injection.

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    I'm looking forward to getting mine....I went for darker one...hope it's ok.
    Gal has very promenent lips...I think looking at pics it's very good and definitely best available right now.

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    I chose A. You can see it on her shoulders above. I think it?s easily the best match of the two for the JL body. If you?re going Phicen, then maybe lighter would work better depending on your choice of body.
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    Quote Originally Posted by awf1031 View Post
    How do you stop or slow something like that? Mine seems to be fine, but I've only had her displayed for like 9 months or so. No direct sunlight either

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    I think if you don't over-articulate it and proceed with reasonable precaution it should hold up well.

    I was testing out the articulation on mine and I was able to get her arms moving way up and out to the side. Though I did it multiple times (didn't leave her posed up for a long period of time) and I felt like I somewhat stressed the seamless arms/shoulders, but I'd only noticed subtle paint peeling. I don't feel it's too noticeable, only upon close inspection. I got the figure loose for a nice deal, so I felt more 'free' to pose lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by QuiGonFishing View Post
    I chose A. You can see it on her shoulders above. I think it?s easily the best match of the two for the JL body. If you?re going Phicen, then maybe lighter would work better depending on your choice of body.
    alright, plus --
    GC037-B w some kind of Phicen ...

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	GACTOYS GC037-B Head Sculpt 2.jpg 
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ID:	486492

    well that settles it for me. looks as much like Anna Paquin as Gadot to me, but at least we know what we're buying, for anyone considering.

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    Her boobs alone can fight evil and injustice

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    I'm definitely on the lookout for a relatively affordable custom head sculpt for JL WW... i.e., I'm not willing to pay the price of an entire new figure, etc... But anyway, the stock head sculpt is just not a strong likeness. It's not bad for a representation of the character, but it misses the mark. Nose is wrong. For accuracy maybe 6/10.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ACalica917 View Post
    There are a lot of pics on eBay with head-on-body pics to show proportions. They even have pics in daylight. I would totally spring for one but I?m not sure when the suspension of posting to the US from China will lift.
    I purchased a Superman head on the 20th and it arrived from China on the 30th. You should be good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by QuiGonFishing View Post
    Received my GACTOYS Wonder Woman headsculpt today. Overall pretty pleased with it. But there are a few notes...

    The first, of course, is that most of us will be buying this as a replacement for the less than perfect Justice League sculpt, so you?ll have to be willing to deal with the mainly silver tiara seen in BvS instead of the mainly gold one from JL. for me, that?s a pretty minor nit.

    But the first thing you will note while working with this head is the VERY firm likeness to Gal (which the pics below don?t quite do justice to), especially in comparison to the JL effort. It may not be WW84 perfect, but it?s pretty darn good, IMHO.

    The main nit I need to call out here is that you?ll have to fight at least a little bit to counter the pin head look on this one. The JL body does not skimp when it comes to giving Diana that true ?Amazon? stature, so this head suffers marginally from the down sizing effect we see on a lot of Chinese knockoffs. I don?t mean to scare anyone off, it?s really not too, too bad. My technique to deal with this was to try to lift and volumize the hair around her face and to try to lift the hair off of the top of the scalp some. Feel free to judge my success or failure with this below!


    Forgot to ask: where did you order it?

    I can't lie to you about your chances, but... you have my sympathies.

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