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    Default Getting XM Cable so, what are the best Cable Graphic Novels?

    Looking to get into the character some before my statue arrives next week.

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    Why would you spend that much money on a character you have no connection to? Just curious, I only buy statues of characters that I love from the comics.

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    I only liked the original New Mutants/X-Force stuff. Once he got his own series and Liefeld was long gone, I lost all interest. Most likely he didn't even become an interesting character until years or decades after Liefeld left, but I had long since moved on by then.

    I remember that his story came to an exciting climax in the "X-Cutioner's Song" crossover, and then there was a three-parter in his solo series that tied up the loose ends and "ended" the Stryfe story. At least, it did at the time. I'm sure there's been lots more since then, but that was a good place for me to drop off.

    (Didn't realize this thread was a year old. Oops.)

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    Fabian Nicieza's "Cable and Deadpool" run from the early 2000's is pretty much the best the character's ever been.

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