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    Default Re: QMX Star Trek General discussion thread

    I really hope they complete the TNG and TOS crews. Even though I'm only going to get TNG. TNG actually has a lot of fans. It's weird to me how TOS seems to get all the merch love. I think, sometimes, it's maybe due to the age of the people running these toy companies? I think for a lot of people in their early 30s to early 40s at least, TNG is THE Trek series they are most connected with.

    I'd prefer the figures were released, after Worf and Data:
    4. Riker
    5. Troi (in duty uniform)
    6. Dr. Crusher
    7. Geordi

    I'd actually be tempted by a Ro and Wesley myself. But unless the figures are huge hits I don't ever see that happening. I'd love to be wrong though.

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    I'm surprised that Worf was shown before Riker kind of.

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    I am surprised...no desire for villains? or some aliens beside Q?

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    I think that reducing sales when they move beyond the key players is an issue> DST certainly would have released more characters if the retailers had been supportive but instead they cancelled a lot of figures.

    I think the more obscure characters need a gimmick to increase popularity. I can't think of much apart from maybe a set of bases that fit together to make a transporter pad, chairs or bridge stations, or alternate head sculpts for more popular characters e.g. Rand with scratched evil Kirk head sculpt, Chapel with emotional Spock head sculpt and a bowl of Plomek soup etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nanjin View Post
    I am surprised...no desire for villains? or some aliens beside Q?

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    Truthfully I'd rather just have the main casts to start out. Maybe start filling out villains later. I'm not sure how many I'd really be interested in though. Q is probably the big one since I mostly want TNG stuff. Maybe the Borg Queen or some generic Borgs. Khan I suppose is a no brainer. You could do both the young and old versions. I don't think of villains as much with Trek I guess even though there are memorable ones.

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    My list of who I would want and in what release order:

    Worf(any hairdo is fine.)
    Counselor Deana Troi in THIS uniform..
    Click image for larger version. 

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    For anyone wanting Troi, I highly suggest you let QMX know which uniform you want her in. She didn't have one specific look like so many of the others. I'd love to get one of her other iconic outfits down the line if the series goes pretty long though.

    Riker(MUST have the beard. Unless we get an extra head which I don't see happening).
    Dr. Crusher(the lab coat can be an exclusive)

    Riker, Laforge, and Crusher I would take in any order.
    Lt. Tasha Yar(I'd buy her, particularly the one from "yesterday's enterprise")

    I love tng so much I'd even be down for Barclay, Ensign Ro, Guinan or even Ensign Wesley Crusher(Know he's not popular but I'd get him if the line went long). I'd buy Nurse Ogawa even if she's not too costly.

    As far as villains for tng, my only must have is Locutus. Love him. I like Q but visually, he's not that interesting. You could do the farpoint figure but he almost seems so intricate I doubt he can be done for a decent price. I'm okay with him in a Starfleet uniform. For Borg drones, I think you'd have to do Hugh the borg as he's the only one with a memorable face, sans the borg queen. I'd love Lore as a data variant. Maybe the one from the season 6 finale(the name of it escapes me). I would also love some tng Klingons just not sure who. For film varients, I don't know how much we need them. First Contact Picard might be nice.

    Original series:

    Original series is more fun to do weird one offs and varients. I really REALLY want an Mirror Mirror Spock and Uhura for example. I want the battle staff from Amok Time. Villains I'd want Khan, Tpring(Yep. I mentioned her before. Still want her), maybe a Kang. Movies I really want WOK Khan, Spock and Kirk.

    Deep Space Nine:

    Sisko(if we only get one DS9 it should be Sisko. Like I said, I think we need all the captains at least).

    Jadzia Dax
    Chief O' Brian
    Dr. Bashir
    Major Kira

    I want all the Ds9 crew about the same. I don't have a huge favorite but only because I only saw bits and pieces of the show. If O'Brian is done I'd love to get him in both his tng and ds9 uniforms somehow.

    Quark(would be a great figure as we get another alien and get a main character. I'd like a quark but not gonna die if I never get him)
    Odo(great character but possibly a boring figure so a tossup for me here).

    Seven of Nine(the only must buy from a Voyager line for me) in...THIS outfit
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	7of9.jpg 
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    I'd also love a borg 7 of 9 variant. I'd rather have that then the borg queen honestly.
    Capt. Janeway
    Tuvok(just cause I like having Vulcans).

    The rest of the crew is kinda boring to me.

    Capt. Archer(easily a great figure)
    T'Pol(another great one I'd love. Probably my 2nd favorite Vulcan after Spock himself).

    The new movies I only really want Kirk, Spock, and maybe Uhura(just cause Zoe Saldana is hot really lol)
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    As far as release order goes with the whole franchise, I'd love it if they stagnate them out between series. Maybe something like...

    7 of 9

    and so on like that. Just mix it up a bit so we can have some variety. If it comes down to it and the line isn't doing so hot, I'd say abandon variety and just complete the original series and the next gen crew. But my preference is for all the shows/movies to get a little love.
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    I'd be fine if they sprinkled in a release from other series here and there, as long as they didn't go too long with out a "core cast" release. Troi is tough, because although I did like some of her other outfits, I still think her duty uniform in the later seasons is still the strongest look for her. Although I am fond of the blue dress, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nanjin View Post
    I am surprised...no desire for villains? or some aliens beside Q?

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    Well, I certainly want a classic Klingon, but I think that for most of us, we want our crew, then, the Aliens/villains are a bonus. We're afraid that, like so many times before, the line(s) stop short of a character or two.

    Besides, I know I'm in the minority but, even though I'd get him, I've always thought Khan, or the movies, were overrated. Couldn't stand the red, military uniforms. Military is so unlike the Trek spirit. I'd rather much have the unis from TMP. The movie was meh, but the costumes looked like a prelude to those of TNG, colors aside.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kuat of Kuat View Post

    I worry for their Firefly line.
    i need that summer glau head so i can finally make a decent cameron terminator lol

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