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    Default Re: Kuma Style's Photography

    The full review for Perfect Effect Gorira is up:

    Here are some pics from the gallery. Full galla is 40 pics split between white and themed backgrounds.

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    The full review of MakeToys' CD-OISP Striker Noir and Weapons Package is up: http://kumastyledesigns.com/maketoys...r-noir-review/

    Honestly, there's not much to talk about with this one. It's a straight up repaint of Manus with a bunch of weapons. I did give it a 9/10 because you get so much awesomeness at a really great price.

    The gallery is a larger one (for me) at 33 pics and here are some favorites from it:

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    Got the review up for the Master Made ST-02 statue set for Destruction Scorpion: http://kumastyledesigns.com/master-made-st-02-review/

    I gave it an 8/10. Not much to say on it as it's option parts that you either like or don't when attached. Here are some pics from the review:

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    Soul of Chogokin full review and galla up: http://kumastyledesigns.com/soc-megazord-review/

    This review is more wordy than normal but in the end it's a really nice piece that could've been a great piece minus multiple, niggling issues.

    The gallery is over 30 pics, but here are some favs:

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    Full review of Goku Kaiohken ver. is up: http://kumastyledesigns.com/goku-kaiohken-review/

    Not really much to say about it. It's a repaint of a previously released mold so I pretty much feel like you like it or don't.

    Here are some pics from the gallery section.

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    The full review for Storm Collectibles Ryu is up: Toy Review: Storm Collectibles Ryu (SFV Version) - Kuma Style

    Fantastic sculpt but honestly the really wishing it did better in the articulation dept.

    Some pics from the galla:

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