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    Default Re: coolprops---dog alien maquette!

    Hope they will refine the details a bit and keep the idea of a swapable head. It will be a great piece for sure! Any more pics / vids comming? And the BC in the background looks huge too

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    And behind the dog we can see dreads and parts of the body of a lying predator... Must be from the scene in the end of AVP before the predalien chestbuster comes out of it... :-)

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    saw some pictures of this before and what looks like a life size predator on a table behind it, just trying to relocate pictures as server went down

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    My friend took these pics. Sadly didnt ask about the piece, but said its realy big. Like 1/3 big. The Pred in the back is just a prop from AvP. I have a pic, but dont know how to upload from my phone. There were also P2 wapons on display (disc, plasma canon, net gun, all withou paint) and the Wolf cleaner kit (prop).

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    maybe from the lying down scene from end of AVP?

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    Seems sculpt is still being worked on. This would look really menacing in a display with proper low lighting. Is it going to be a kit or a painted statue?

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    I highly doubt this will come as a kit... but more like a full painted statue

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    Looks really good...

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    It looks huge. Price and display space may keep me away from this one, but I can't wait to see it painted.

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