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    Default Joe Scorpio's Collection

    My small and humble collection, that I started back in 2012.

    Hot Toys First Order Squad Leader Stormtrooper
    Hot Toys Man of Steel and Sideshow Collectibles Boba Fett [Scum & Villainy]
    Hot Toys Captain America Civil War and Sideshow Collectibles R2-D2 [Deluxe]
    Hot Toys Batman [Batman Returns] and Sideshow Collectibles Destro [GI JOE]
    Hot Toys Evil Superman [Superman III] and Sideshow Collectibles Zartan [GI JOE]
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    Very cool display Joe it amazing how fast the collection's can grow very nice display.

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    Nice and diverse, I like your style.

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    That's a great looking display and collection - congrats!

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    Thank you, fellow collectors, I really appreciate the comments.

    I got the Legends Studio display case for the Stormtrooper to keep him as white as I possibly can.

    I cannot recommend the Detolf display cases from IKEA enough. Very affordable, stylish and they keeps your stuff clean! Best part is when I get more figures down the road, there's enough room to double up on each shelf, possibly even 3 figures at once.

    Favorite Sideshow so far is the Boba Fett, it was actually a gift and he happens to be my favorite movie character of all time.

    Favorite Hot Toy so far is probably the Henry Cavill Man of Steel because it's so accurate from the film. I just got the Civil War Cap and that is one kick ass figure as well!

    Not sure who I'm getting next, might have to wait until next year since I somehow got 4 this year and the Stormtrooper last December!
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    IMG_0937.JPG   IMG_0930.JPG   IMG_0936.JPG   IMG_0929.JPG  

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    Looking great! Nice and clean!

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    Updated with Hot Toys Deadpool, Hot Toys Rey [Resistance] and Hot Toys Darth Vader [Rogue One].
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    Updated with Sideshow Collectibles C-3PO.
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    Added a couple of custom bases made by Freak Cocoboloboy located here:


    The detail and craftsmanship is beyond anything I was actually expecting. I discovered his thread last Saturday, he sent the bases out that Monday and I received it on Wednesday!! Not only is he selling this at really great price points, you get them within a week! [If they're currently in stock] I opted for the Jundland Waste droid base, take a look at the detail in the sand and rocks! I freaking love the Resistance Rey topper as well and she's going to look even more amazing standing across from TFA Luke that I should receive by the first week of September!

    Thanks again Cocoboloboy and I cannot recommend his outstanding custom creations enough!
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    Updated with Hot Toys Luke Skywalker from The Force Awakens.
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