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    Default Re: My ultimate Ikea PAX built ! with Acrylic doors !!

    Quote Originally Posted by Mark69 View Post
    Amazing find Shaughn thanks! The pax shelves are almost flush with the frame so I'm wondering if I should get the overlay hinges rather than inset. In any event, these seem very suitable!
    The overlay will save you from having to cut down the shelves to allow the door to fit inside

    It's also allot more forgiving if the cabinets shift slightly, as the insert depends on the cabinets to be perfectly square, if the cabinet shift it wont allow you to close the doors as it will catch on the frame, it happened to me.

    Personally I did the Inset, I quite like it, I think the cabinets look real clean like that, but it's a personal preference, either will do great

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    I'm really glad this thread exists. I am ready to start planning doors and lighting on my own PAX system after reinforcing the shelves.

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    where can I buy big acrylic sheets to act as doors?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NullMind View Post

    As I did not trust the plastic shelf pegs*that Ikea ships with these, I was able to find on Amazon some stronger ones from Hafele (model*SKI6730), they are rated to support up to 150kg for a set of 4, so bought a few bags of them and installed them instead, highly recommend using these ones, they have no comparison to the Ikea pegs !

    Attachment 287440

    Here they are installed in place:

    Attachment 287441

    I just purchased the metal shelf pegs you suggested from eBay. Are they strong enough to hold 300lbs as advertised? I'm testing it out by putting a prime 1 statue on it but worried it may still break. Do you think getting shelf brackets (small L-shaped support beams) is a must to ensure it won't collapse? Or should it be able to hold 2 Prime 1 statues without breaking?

    I think I'm done once I reach 10k posts.

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    Check out Ikea Variera cover caps for white Pax's. They take forever to install but after all the extra shelf holes are plugged they disappear from view. Here you can see some holes plugged and others not.


    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Ikea plugs.jpg 
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    I also used #6 screws and washers for the back panel with these steel Ikea Observator cross braces. Now the cabinet cannot bow outwards over time. Solid as a rock! All my pics upload sideways or upside down! Sorry.


    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Ikea Pack Reinforcement.jpg 
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