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    Default Re: Do not buy from people with "0" posts!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Dammage7 View Post
    Please, I am trying to create a Sale Thread for a Hot Toys item here but I cannot see the create a new thread button!
    Kindly, help. Thanks.
    As Karamazov80 posted before, follow this link to upgrade to a premium membership - There is a $25 annual fee, too.


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    I do not know what thread to put it in but I'll put it here,if a moderator sees well that he moves it, that he does it, thanks,It's been a few years but it's been very bad because of him,but I'm still in the deadline and I'm going to denounce and some friends will help me it,is the forero is WhisperCloud,I was looking for the sideshow taun taun 1/6,and he to me by private he offered,I paid 380 usd by pay pal friendly mode(I was silly)I talked to him every day around here and he sent me a fake mailing sheet,until one day I do not answer,and until today,today I wrote again and he answered me,answering this
    "Hello. Excuse me but who are you? What did I do wrong, to you? I really dont understand what is going on? If you can explain it to me would be nice."
    I had a hard time, since I had to borrow money,that is, pay double for nothing,I have saved all messages, data and I will report tomorrow, you know .. care with WhisperCloud

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    [editado by The moment

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    Quote Originally Posted by megadona View Post
    [editado by The moment
    I'm talking to him to solve the problem

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    Doesn't paypal give protection as well as credit card company?

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