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    Default Re: Which MCU female character you want Hot Toys to make next?

    Endgame spoiler below...

    Spoiler Spoiler:

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    Quote Originally Posted by ladyshanz View Post
    Endgame spoiler below...

    Spoiler Spoiler:

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    Quote Originally Posted by ladyshanz View Post
    Endgame spoiler below...

    Spoiler Spoiler:
    Spoiler Spoiler:

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    Scarlet witch, I know they’re making a rescues so definitely scarlet witch

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    I doubt it’ll do anything, but I emailed Hot Toys saying how much do many people would love one of Peggy. Are there any rumors at all out there about her?

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    Sort of off topic, but mostly on - I am trying to get a hold of Dean Tolliver at Creg Customs to see if he could make a custom sculpt of Peggy in the event that Hot Toys decides to be lame and not make her. I have sent an email and an Instagram message, and haven't heard anything in two weeks. Is anyone familiar with his work and how to best get a hold of him?

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    I really feel like there is no chance that Hot Toys will make a Peggy.

    I think we will get a Valkyrie and Okoye eventually since they will appear in movies again at some point, but Id assume Peggy will never pop up again.

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    I do see both Okoye and Valkyrie as more likely (especially Okoye, if not now, then for BP2 - along with hopefully an M'Baku ), but I haven't totally given up on Peggy.

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    I feel that the same can be said for Sif. Unless GOTG Vol.3 or a future Thor movie is a “The Search for Sif”, there is zero chance of a Sif figure happening....*sigh*
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    I think Valkyrie is definitely the next new female they make, probably followed by Mantis if that's the next new film (and Lady Lylla if she's actually in it), Okoye for BP2 (and possibly Nakia)

    I just hope they do Valkyrie in the white outfit and scrap the Thor 3 version.

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