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    Default Re: Asmus Toys 1:6 - Saruman the White

    Ray, thank you for sharing the recipe. Well done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raymond F. View Post
    thank you all for the nice feedback! I hope you don't mind me posting more pictures:

    Saruman 2.0
    We most certainly do not mind! Your Saruman looks absolutely fantastic - truly excellent work!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raymond F. View Post
    Wow, Ray... breathtaking work! The hairwork is impeccable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raymond F. View Post
    Yes that?s correct. And yes that?s also correct!

    The nose has already been heated and bended downwards actually to make it hook more and accentuation with paint was also made at the sides by the nostrils to further emulate the downwards swoop.
    Oh man... how the hell do you get a HS hot enough for it to bend, without ruining the paintjob?? Is that even possible?? I used to believe that such a procedure would make it necessary to first remove the paintjob, to keep it from melting and melding with the underlying resin.... But this wouldn't be true, apparently....

    Quote Originally Posted by Bucky Underbelly View Post
    I know a lot of people loved the original release of this, but there really is no comparison between the Asmus and HT sculpts. The HT Christopher Lee is fantastic and the Asmus ... well, let's just say they'd do a much better job of it today. Add their new Crown line hair and beard techniques and I think they'd be able to upgrade that original to within shouting distance to Raymond's amazing custom here.
    So right. In spite of all the early support this sculpt enjoyed (Michael Crawford loved it), I didn't like it a bit, already on day one. There is a similar issue with Bilbo: the HS does not ressemble Freeman and the head is way too big. But everyone seems to be happy, and they will be until some eye-opening event comes about (e.g. a new Raymond custom with some actually-well-done, 3rd party HS).

    I also tend to believe many more forum users are critical of Asmus' (and other manufacturers') output, but don't dare to speak their hearts. Many people around here are afraid of freely talking because of violent self-appointed company reps roaming these realms.
    Well: companies don't grow w/o honest feedback, be it positive or negative.

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    Just got your internet privileges restored at the facility I see, AB.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raymond F. View Post
    thank you all for the nice feedback! I hope you don't mind me posting more pictures:

    Saruman 2.0

    HEAD - Hot Toys, nose modified to hook/ point downwards
    PAINT - Hot toys with enchanted age spots and eye details by me
    HAIR/BEARD - me
    Body - Neo With ankle extendors
    HANDS - Hot Toys modified (nails)
    OUTFIT - Asmus, yellowed and belt modified/repainted

    Awesome work!
    Would love that in my collection

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    HT modified head is amazing, and Raimond's figure is lifelike.

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    some beautiful works being displayed here, I might try that on my fig one day.Click image for larger version. 

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    Nice pic, Optical20!

    A good discussion is like a miniskirt; Short enough to maintain interest and long enough to cover the subject.

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    ^ ^ Great photo!!

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