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    Default Re: ANOVOS goes into Star Wars Costuming

    I think that the fact that the Vader proto is not colored black is playing a role here. It seems off, but it might seem more precise when in the right color.

    All in all, these are great news. Would love to own a few costumes myself.
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    Cool stuff!
    Some of the complete outfits could pass as 1:1 statues if displayed correctly.

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    Here is another photo they posted today showing off Jango Fett. It also looks like they have plans for a Boba

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    I would totally get one of these for a yearly Halloween costume and keep it on a mannequin the rest of the time.

    And good news! I might be able to afford to because I just got promoted to a management position at one of my jobs (Somehow despite the fact I have been there less than half a year) which means I'll be making more than twice as much as I do now. This hobby is near impossible on a college student budget. Hopefully now you guys will get to see my collection expand to be bigger and better than before where just gas and food kept me nearly broke at all times despite working two jobs to try and afford to keep up with this stuff. I mean it took me four flippin' months to save up for my Vader bust.

    I have a wishlist of every existing piece that would make my "dream collection" and I hope to attain that by this time next year. One of these costumes will certainly be added to that list at some point.

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    An interesting read and some new pics:



    But if you cannot see the link here are the most important posts and pics:

    Post by Dday:

    We have talked about this on the SLD some. Apparently there is a member there who is close friends with the guys who are this company and they are all big fans. From their Vader information they have said that their vader will be a more generic version, so not related to one specific movie but rather a generic all movie vader.
    Also, he says that the guys have had full access to teh LFL archives, so they may have the ability to make molds/castings/scans of original gear.
    It has the potential to be good.
    But it will not replace any of the current vendors, it will just be another option. Most likely it will be general gear that can be classified as a stormtrooper, but nothing like TM, RS, CFO and so on that are movie specific 100% accurate replicas.

    Post by usaeatt2:

    Just got home from C2E2. The ANOVOS costumes didn't look generic at all, in fact, I was very impressed. The prices weren't generic either... All SW related merchandise was "MSRP Pending". Their other soft costumes look DEAD-ON accurate in color, texture and hardware. Someone obviously did their homework. Example of prices? Men's Premier Line Next Generation Full Uniform - $1000. Admiral Kirk Premier Line Wrath of Khan Uniform - $2400. Men's Premier Line TOS Shirt - $325. You get what you pay for?

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    Loving this news, good for ANOVOS. I'd be all over a licensed Boba Fett costume. I'm expecting it to be expensive as hell but should still come out ahead compared to buying a full RTW costume from bobamaker. Interested in clone armor as well but depends on price and if they make the commanders like Cody.

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    I'm in! Show me the Money!!!

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    With these and Episode VII on the horizon, I see an influx of 501st members which can be a good or bad thing. I worked pretty hard to get my Jango and Boba Fett up to their standards and now, someone will be able to just pick one of these up for "pretty easily".

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    That Jango costume... damn!

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    Probably will get the stormie and Han. Maybe vader. Of course all this in addition to eFX stormie.

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