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    Default custom handmade 1:10 alien queen skull statue display piece

    hi guys I'm a new member~I love both aliens and predators, however I'm kinda tired of those similar products on the markets, so I decided to make something new~

    since most of my collections are 7" inches figurines, which is 1:10 scale, so I decided to make a 1:10 scale alien queen skull for my predator figures.

    first I made the skull and lower jaw, then I drawn the shame of the crown on the cardboard. I did some research about the size of alien queen in aliens movie 2, so the size is pretty accurate.

    then slowly I used a type of AB clay called "magic sculp" to build all the details~

    attach the skull to the crown bone, making the side bone pieces and adding more details

    I started this project last month and finally managed to finish it before Xmas because my friends asked me to cast a few to give to them as Xmas presents XD All the details were killing me but the final thing is absolutely worth the effort!

    Front view, I also designed the metopic sutures to make it look more realistic

    details on the back

    I used tamiya's paints and spray cans to paint it, it's pretty hard to make it looks realistic, but finally I managed to give it a nice touch up. First I was making just for NECA's skull trophy wall, then I decided to add a wooden base and a steel rod to make is a museum class ultimate collection~I'm really happy about it, I put it on my desk and all my guests was like "OMG what's that? is that a lizard's skull???" lol

    the skull can move freely inside the crown bone, also I managed to add a joint to the lower jaw so it can rise it's head open it's mouth, just like the scene from the moive~

    Now I'm thinking to make a 1:10 scale fully alien queen skeleton, the queen in movie 2 is 4.3 meter tall, so the final thing would be around 43cm tall, which is huge! I'm thinking to finish this project in year 2014, and I will keep update the progress~

    Thanks for watching and hope you guys enjoyed my work

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    WOah this is amazing. Can't wait to see the finished product. And this was all made from scratch?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aman View Post
    WOah this is amazing. Can't wait to see the finished product. And this was all made from scratch?
    yeah I made the whole thing :)

    and the new forum looks as ugly as *****K

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    Nice work man, looks great!

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