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    Default Re: Great comic book covers

    That does suck. I have a few comics signed by Zeck. I also have the Todd Mcfarlane Grey Hulk poster signed. They are some of my favorite collectibles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slynger View Post
    It was Michael Turner?s work that really sucked me into the comic world when he created Fathom. Such a great artist. Now I enjoy all different takes on my fave characters by different artists. Gabrielle Dell?Otto, Adi Granov and Artgerm are awesome.

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    Some fabulous ones there; I'd like some large prints of those Captain Marvel covers

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    Turner really did have a style all his own. None of his drawing could possibly exist as real people, similar to Liefelds, due to the anatomy, but there was just something much more refined and professional about Turner.

    I didn't really care for his Image stuff but when he moved to DC it was clear he was head and shoulders above the rest of their stable as the most dynamic artist.

    Damn shame he died so young....along with Mark Gruenwald, Seth Fisher, Mike Wieringo, Mike Parobeck.......the comics industry is so relatively small that when anyone dies it's a big deal. For all these guys to die so young is much more tragic.

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    Man, look at DC still milking this McF cover like 30 years later cause it's one of the only ones they really have.

    This one seems to have gotten a digital touch up, color wise.

    The Black and White statue is based directly on this image, mostly for the craaazy Spawn style cape, but the sad girl being comforted has been removed.

    They had lifesize versions at the cons this year, and it had the yellow oval logo. I'll be curious to see if it's there on the final product.

    (Although, I'm so spoiled by how amazing the Mignola full color B+WW statue is, I'd gladly go back and buy all the best ones in full color....but that would completely defeat the purpose of the B+W white line wouldn't it? Still....Mignola and Lee's statues looked gorgeous in color....)

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I’ve been seeing that used a lot lately

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