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    Default Re: Obi-Wan Kenobi Mythos Statue Unlit Hilt ORDER Thread

    Payment sent for future run, nicely done and thanks for taking this on.

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    Payment sent!

    Hell yeah baby!!!! Looks amazing!!!

    Great job dude

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    Payment sent!!!

    Thanks for your work!

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    Wooooohooooooooo!!!!! My payment coming in three days - on 14th April! Just to avoid it featuring on my current month credit card statement!!! Excellent job, MYC! You're a star!

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    Cool! Please advise when waitlist can buy one.

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    Payment sent, thread stickied and absolutely fantastic job on the saber, myc!
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    The Beagle Strikes again!

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    Hello Guys !

    I updated the list and please double check if I marked everybody right so far I really appreciate all the kind words that are flying in here and via paypal I also thank all who paid the $30 incl. the paypal fees even if its not requested

    Im super excited that you like the saber and I am even more happy to see you guys are happy Im working on the first 30 sabers and I hope to have them send out within 2 weeks

    Thanks again for all the support and encouragement !! You guys rock for sure !!

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    how do I pay? I have to wait? Thanks!

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    I masterside.. Yeah I will finish up first the first 30 on the list. I noticed you are listed in the second batch.. I hope I can take on the others in about 2 weeks

    Payment description is on the very first post

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    for all who already paid, can you please PM me if your hook attachment on the statue is flat or raised ? I heard about 2 different versions !! I highlighted it also in the first page.

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