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    Default STEAM FACTORY 1/6 Rabbit-Dog Dobbit & Rabbog!

    Hey, guys. Steam Factory has just launched this new item: 1/6 Rabbit-Dog Collectible. Now it is available for pre-order! Hope U all like the steampunk design! Come and buy!!
    LINK HERE:STEAM FACTORY 1/6 Rabbit-Dog Collectible Figure


    Material:PU, Jaffaite, Leather, Cloth

    Story about DOBBIT&RABBOG:

    "In the year of 3002, DOBBIT travelled though space to the moon, the three-dimensional space of the human world, together with RABBOG after a coincident space tunnel explosion. DOBBIT was living in 12-dimensional space before, while RABBOG in the 16-dimensional space. At that time, because of the environmental degradation, Earth cannot supply a place for living, which makes people chose to move to the Moon. The story is about the adventures of DOBBIT&RABBOG brothers on the moon, in the year of 3002. "
    --from STEAM FACTORY

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    That is really weird and cool looking.

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    I'm digging the steampunk look. Is this The only one so far.

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    Here's a new one - seems to be variant on the first, but still different enough to be worth getting both.

    I've pitched to Sideshow that they should do 1/6 Steampunk as an original line, but I get the feeling that there's a real hatred of the genre over there.

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    Reminds me of the Wizard from the McFarlane - Twisted OZ line.

    This looks pretty cool. I wouldn't get it, but it looks cool nonetheless.

    I love it when people say getting my hard earned money. It sounds like they shovel coal for a living. Hidden Content

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    Yeah that kinda stuff is aimed at a really small real nitch that like steam punk and 1:6. Not my thing but I have nothing against it, I don't expect it to sell out unless it is produced in very small numbers.

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