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    Default Re: BEWARE of these eBay buyers/sellers

    What are the main feedback extortion rules for buyers?
    Buyers can't use the threat of negative (or promise of positive) feedback to get a seller to provide goods or services that weren't included in the original item's description or purchase price. Similarly, they can't use feedback to force a seller to accept a return, or give a refund, if they're not required to by the terms of their listing, or the eBay Money Back Guarantee.

    Ugh, hate dealing with these non-paying bidders/buyers on eBay. Clearly the buyer wanted out of the transaction from the start, violated eBay's feedback extortion policy, so we contacted eBay on how to proceed and they advised to let the automatic non-paying bidder's dispute case open and close and everything will settle itself without having to deal with unprofessionalism and the threats. Buyer ends up paying for item, seems very suspicious, had a bad feeling they had nefarious intentions to receive, claim something was wrong (or do something to the statue) and get their refund that way via claim afterwards. Contacted eBay and they walked me through what to do, to get out of the deal because they too felt the buyer was making unreasonable demands and probably had negative intentions as well and the safest bet was to let them walk and get away with it. Haha at their complete 180 at the end to look good to eBay since everything is on record. Yeah, we're not going to be dealing in the future ever... Watch out for this guy, look at that name on Paypal... buyer gets full refund, no negative feedback, gets away with everything like a crook, that's eBay for you... eBay sucks, Facebook groups are cheap, sellers always fighting a losing battle, horrible system.

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    Add tearsontape to block list. Won auction and messaged me to pay on the 20th and never did.

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    I recommend adding ebay user georgecc to your block list. I sent him a mint General Zod figure, with solid joints that stood on their own, and with pictures to prove it. He's claiming it arrived with a broken ankle, and is blatantly using the threat of negative feedback to force me to give him a partial refund, which he says must be negotiated.

    I'll be following up with Ebay to see if I'm protected from this at all, but I don't have a lot of hope.

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