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    Default Re: Where's all the 1/6 Leatherface customs?

    Quote Originally Posted by King Darkness View Post
    Definitely should. You can find it really cheap on ebay.

    With a little TLC the figure really shines.

    And, Joel, your LF custom is pretty sweet. Always wanted Sideshow to do that version in 1/6 scale.
    Awesome. I always though it was one of the best horror figures. Will have to try to pick one up! It does look really good with the custom works done to it! Thanks a lot! Yeah, They did the PF but no 1/6 figure! They really should have that is for sure!
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    Quote Originally Posted by King Darkness View Post
    Not much of a custom, but I did swap my Leatherface onto a HT muscle body and dirty it up a bit.

    Sure am glad you don't take good pics. Otherwise I'd be forced to pick up a muscle bod to do the same to mine.
    You're such a jerkface for making me pick one up, but thanks, makes him 100% better. :-D
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    You're welcome, jerkface

    There is a bit of work involved since LF has the sculpted neck. I guess you could take a couple different routes to make them compatible. I dremeled out the neck on the sculpt so it would fit over the muscle body neck. Easy enough though.

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    Very cool King D. big difference.
    It is amazing how with a little TLC, these older SS figures still can hold its own.
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    Quote Originally Posted by EVILFACE View Post
    Leatherface is kinda meh.
    You for real? Leatherface is a horror icon

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    King, So do you prefer the standard muscular body over using one of the bigger ones?

    I had ear-marked one of my two Kaustic bodies for this project although I don't think Gunner's arms were as big as the Kaustic body.

    In the end i plan on doing just what you did, swap the body, add some blood and call it a day.

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    I think the standard muscle is more than mine for Leatherface. Gunnar wasn't built, but he was heafty. Seb used a T800 for his custom and that look pretty damn good. I used the standard because it was the more cost effective at the time. The guy had some fat forarms, so the larger body would work perfect too I think.

    So, I think a Kaustic would be more than appropriate. Maybe to "muscular", but bulky enough for sure.

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    Yeah, I think I like the proportions of Seb's a bit better... I'm hoping the Kaustic will help out. But I agree he wasn't a body builder, but a tall dude with kind of a barrel shaped torso.

    I actually have HT Muscular body I haven't used yet and 2 Kaustic's on the way. So I'll check out which one I like better in person. Yours looks kick ass though

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    Thnx GB.

    The Kaustic is basically the size of the T800 body, so you're golden.

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