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    Default Terminator 3 jacket and joker remote

    Have a couple of buts for sale
    First up is a replica T3 jacket size large but more like an xl. Very well made and ideal for a bust or prop

    Looking for £75

    Next up is my joker ferry bomb remote. Does not work

    Looking for £85

    Any questions pm me

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    Open to offers on these!

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    To the top

    Anyone? will put them back on the bay soon

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    Back on the evilbay.

    Lowered prices.

    Will do a better deal with a forum member

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    Bumping this up.

    Have a couple more items for sale and lowering prices.

    T3 jacket £50
    Joker detonator £50
    T600 bust from sideshow £370 open to offers. Ask for details on this.
    Terminator t1000 unpainted cast with police bell helmet £200 Ask for details.

    Will upload pictures on request

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