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    Default Re: HT DX05 - Indiana Jones - in-hand images

    It's a dream and wish for all of us 1/6 Indy collectors that either Hot Toys or even Sideshow revisits Indy. Hot Toys has revisited characters like Two Face, Bank Robber Joker and Iron Man MK1. Why not Raiders Indy? Sideshow did an outstanding job (IMHO) on Temple of Doom Indy and could probably do a vastly improved Raiders Indy if they saw fit.

    It was bittersweet when HT announced their Indy figure; I was hoping they would eventually do Indy but was disappointed in the head sculpt and inaccurate details for a Raiders Indy (wrong holster, whip and whip holder). I had Mike Fisher replace the leather goods and have happily displayed two for years but can't wait for an upgrade. Since pumping hundreds of dollars into a custom isn't in the cards for me, I'll paitently wait for a new, improved version from a reputable company.

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    I am so sick of having to make quiver/leather replacement straps for HT pleather. I bought maybe 3 or 4 HT Indy shoulder bags and on every one of them the pleather has crumbled away. Fortunately the quiver makes a perfect replacement, but who would trust any HT pleather.

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    Its a damn travwsty we still do not have a decent Indy.

    I still have the original SSC version....as a place holder.....

    I hope someday to retire.

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