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    Default Re: UPDATED:Custom Nostromo Kane : FINISHED!!!

    Thanks guys. I'm happy to announce that Kane has found a new home with an awesome collector

    I'm a little saddened that I'm parting ways with this figure, but he's going to a good place.

    I'm spending the weekend doing some last minute tweaks to Kane before shipping him out. I will have pictures of the final figure and display box as soon as everything is final.

    This is the final Kane head. Made some tweaks so that it looks more like Hurt.

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    Here is the final Kane ready to ship. I'll post pics of the final display box in roughly a couple weeks.

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    Awesome work! Whoever is getting that is a lucky collector!

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    Ham and Egger MODERATOR
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    Glad to hear you sold it for a price you are happy with. Wish I was the buyer!

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    Incredible work there. A sure grail for an Alien collector. Whoever bought him should keep an eye out for a FS thread by Elvis1976, a few weeks back he was selling a Ripley figure in her blue jumpsuit, a custom up to his usual standards. I bought it on impulse because of how cool it looked but later regretted it for financial reasons. He hadn't yet shipped it though so I was able to 'cancel' and simply transfer my payment over to something else he was doing for me. So that Ripley figure might be back up for sale (if he hasn't already re-sold it or changed his mind about it)

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    I've got a roughly 60% finished Ripley "Shining Star" fabric spacesuit in my workshop. Probably won't get back to her til 2015 lol.

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    Just a little freaky
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    Feb 2015
    This thread shows brilliant work and is very inspiring, thank you tinister!!

    Being new to Sideshow Freaks, I needed some time digging my way through older content.
    It is sad to hear, that already in 2011 some of the PVC/Vinyl suits of the Kane/Dallas figures started dissolving.

    I have both figures and can confirm that in march 2015 they are still in perfect condition without hardening/cracking. So I keep my fingers crossed. But a custom version of the Nostromo suit is a goal to aim anyway.

    Hope we are going to see the "Shining Star" fabric version. Now it is 2015...

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    Apr 2015
    Absolutely beautiful! ...wish I just had that head sculpt for my Kane.
    WANT: Ex Replicas 2001 blue spacesuit, Brothers Replicant, S Pettersen BR clothing, Apone, Hudson HAVE: HT MMS238 T800, SSC Jango Fett

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