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    Hot Toys - MMS 111 - John Connor (Final Battle Version)- spec + hi-res pics

    Terminator Salvation: 1/6th scale John Connor collectible figure (Final Battle Version)

    Product code: MMS111

    Hot Toys proudly presents our latest MMS figure from the Terminator Salvation 1/6th scale lineup - John Connor collectible figure (Final Battle ver.). This collectible figure stands approximately 30 cm tall, featuring Hot Toys True-type figure body with over 36 points of articulation.

    This John Connor figure features the high quality head sculpture (by Kojun) with battle damaged face, perfect painting (by JC Hong) and authentic Christian Bale likeness.

    The Final Battle version also newly comes with a battle-damaged endoskeleton featured base and also a 1/6th scale fully articulated Hydrobot with light up function.

    The highly detailed collectible also comes with the following full gear and weapons:

    + Uniform
    - Field jacket
    - Pants
    - T-shirt
    - Tactical belt
    - Tactical vest
    - Backpack

    + Accessories
    - Headset
    - Radio with pouch
    - Pistol Magazine pouch
    - Shoulder pad
    - Drop leg panels
    - Grenades with holder
    - Armband
    - Tactical gloves
    - Assault boots

    + Weapons
    - HK416 with tactical red dot sight
    - M203 grenade launcher with elastic sling
    - Pistol with holster

    Release date: Q4, 2009

    Head Sculpt by Kojun
    Paint by J.C Hong

    Terminator Salvation ™ & © 2009 T Asset Acquisition Company, LLC.

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  2. Fanboy Collectibles  160x600 Entertainment Earth 250x250-NFL
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    Freaked Out!
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    I'll probably grab just grab the head off of ebay to have two display options. the hydrobot is really cool, but I'm not digging the new outfit too much.

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    Now... Say my name.
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    Wow that looks pretty damn cool!

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    Power is life
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    oh wow awesome...i will try to get this. dang that hydrobot looks good.

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    Overall I think this looks great, would have been neat if they threw in a regular Connor head incase someone wanted to display him without the scars. This will probably be the last piece for me in the T4 line if they do plan on doing other figures. I can also assume the UX UMPC will be an exlcusive piece after all since I'm not seeing it in these pics.

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    I'll get this for the Terminator base and Hydrobot.
    The rest will be sold. I have no interest in this version of Connor.

    Anyone want a cheap loose JC?

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    You're an errand boy
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    BAD ASS!!!

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    Writer and Producer
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    Wicked Cool! Hydro looks epic! I can continue my crusade to own every Skynet Model of Terminator in 1/6th! (BAR SOME )

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    Well this is my 1st experience with HT. lesson #1 never buy the 1st release as the 2nd version always has more accessories

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