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    Default Re: All X-23 Statues

    She's a teenage mutant killer hooker clone. How could somebody not make a movie from that concept?
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    Spider-Man - X-Men - Batman - Avengers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sixx View Post
    X-23 was my first SS Comiquette. Also have the Koto X-Force and Bishijo. Want to get the Bowen one at some point. I already regret not getting the X-Force Dio when it had been in stock for months.
    I think she was my first aswell

    Quote Originally Posted by VS1976 View Post
    Wow $1k for the EX comiquette

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    I picked this one up from SSC last week and really dig it - so nicely done, beautiful paint job in person:

    I also have the Koto X-Force one which is really cool, but not as nice as the Bowen. I might have to pick up the upcoming X-Force Bowen version..

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    ^ great display setup for X-Force

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    I love seeing all of the statues. It helps give me a good idea of ones I want, and the ones I want to stay far away from.

    Never been a fan of customs. But I do like the art cover xYx posted. I just don't like the artists rendition of it. The face is too scary for me.

    If Sideshow did do a PF, I wonder what they would take from, and would they utilize all of her blades.

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    ...can't wait for the bowen x-force version of x-23...now I just need to wait for the perfect archangel to help complete my x-force team...not sold yet on the koto version.

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    Quote Originally Posted by morphosis View Post
    So glad I ordered this one, It's my favorite of all the x-23 made so far Looks amazing! congatz on getting her
    Right on - I don't think you'll be dissapointed

    Quote Originally Posted by Deadly Dagger View Post
    ...can't wait for the bowen x-force version of x-23...now I just need to wait for the perfect archangel to help complete my x-force team...not sold yet on the koto version.
    Yeah, I'm thinking the Bowen X-Force version will be nicer than the Koto, I'll probably swap mine out if I can get a good deal on her..

    For the Archangel, the only drawback I can see is that you can see brushstrokes in the silver paint (up close only really), other than that it looks pretty **** in person. Not sure if we'll see another X-Force Archangel to be honest, but I suppose you never know!

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    With a comiquette, dio, and vs statues I think she is represented well... maybe a lsb with a arm like the new iron man coming out. Pretty sad to say she as been produced more than magneto and Mr sinister combined. Guess I'm the only one who craves villans

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