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    Default Ask Sideshow Marvel Q&A's

    There's a "Ask Sideshow DC Q&A's" so I figured I start a Marvel too.

    Q: I just wanted to say that I love what you are doing with the Legendary Scale Figure line. I’m a BIG fan of 1/3rd scale statues (especially Predators). My only concern is the edition sizes of the LSFs. I can understand keeping them as open editions until cancelled. That allows people to save up for these expensive pieces. BUT, as a collector I like to know how rare or common my statues are. Would it be possible to number these LSF’s as they come off the line? Then when the molds are destroyed and the line is finished, you can post the final Edition Size. That way SSC sells as many as they can and us Statue geeks get to know how many other people have the same statue we bought and we can stop complaining about the open editions having no set numbers.

    A: While the Legendary Scale Figures will not be numbered individually, rest assured that the number produced is highly limited. You’re quite right, our reasoning for the non-published edition size does have a lot more to do with allowing collectors the maximum opportunity to own one of these big beasts, because these are not quick, impulse [...]

    Well, there it is. LSF are not open edition after all. Word is bond!
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    "Puny Humans. I've come to smash. And you should know who's to blame...Iron Man. Mr. Fantastic. Dr. Strange. Black Bolt. They shot me into space. They sent me to die. But I survived. With my warbound. Now this city will fall." - WWH

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    "While the Legendary Scale Figures will not be numbered individually, rest assured that the number produced is highly limited"

    Not numbered? that's gonna piss off a lot of collectors.

    How else are they gonna charge a bomb on evilbay without knowing what number of what number they are scalping

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    Comic Related Updates...

    Quote Originally Posted by Q&A - April 11 2012


    A. A new Punisher is in the works, although we’re not ready to spill the beans just yet on the exact look. Except that he’s awesome, so awesome that he’s rather intimidating even in his raw sculpt form

    Quote Originally Posted by Q&A - April 22 2012


    A. We hear ya bub, but we are really stoked to show our Wolverine vs. Hulk first!
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    a new punisher statue would be so awesome

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vaako View Post
    a new punisher statue would be so awesome
    Yeah, i love my Comciquette, but a PF would be something i'd get too

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    Waiting on

    Wolvie v. Hulk
    Punisher PF
    Cable com. or PF
    Deadpool PF
    Rhino Com.

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    Doesn't matter, LSFs will be available for years down the line anyways. Loads of time to get good deals on them.

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    Comic related Updates

    Quote Originally Posted by Q&A - May 4th 2012

    Q. The Future Foundation of Fantastic Four storyline has been a great read for me so far. I really love their white costume designs, especially Dr. Doom. Do you guys have plans of making a Dr. Doom Comiquette based on the Future Foundation design? How about a Fantastic Four vs Diorama with Dr. Doom in the team? Cheers!

    A. The black and white Future Foundation costumes are fantastic indeed. We have plans for Dr. Doom, but first up will be more of a classic interpretation than anything modern storyline based.
    Quote Originally Posted by Q&A - May 6th 2012

    Q. I know you guys released an Uncanny X-force diorama but, I was wondering if you would release the rest of the team; Archangel, Fantomex, Deadpool, and Psylocke? It would make a great companion piece.

    A. We love your thinking and it’s a real possibility, but not in the immediate plans.

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    Anyone know if theyre ever going to release a Daredevil PF?

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    You should totally just ask Sideshow, and this isn't meant to be a smart@ss comment. I sent in my own question and they were answered so I suggest give it a try. It's kind of cool actually to see your question get answered by Sideshow officials.

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