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    So is it me....or does it not even say when this thing is supposed to come out? It's been two years....so is it gonna be another two years or soon? Anyone?

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    They said on Facebook, they hope to ship it by... Father's Day.

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    Ive waited since the 80s when i first fell in love with Creepshow to get some great merchandise and im happy to wait as long as it takes to get the best quality figure. Yes Dooley did say on facebook that there aiming for Fathers Day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hedji View Post
    They said on Facebook, they hope to ship it by... Father's Day.
    I seriously doubt they'll make that deadline; unless more is done (like outfits) that they're not showing. But I'm encouraged by the great progress they've been making recently and seems they have a new space to work in which should help with production. If they deliver on Nathan and continue to produce figures in-house (which seems to be the current plan) I'll be happy to keep supporting them.

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    if this actually is in the hands of retailers or online and available for Father's Day---I will gladly re-order, and gleefully pay the additional charges from what it was inititally listed for. because it looks better now than it did judging from the FB page photos.

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