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    Default aslan_gfx Collection - NEW Cinemaquette Display @last Page

    I want to share with y'all some Pics of my little Collection :-)

    and on this i will start on Saturday with my Uncle's Help :-) , a idea from Amin Ko... thanks again dude

    the Sketch looks like this

    my plan is... each PF gets his own Shelve and Acrylic Display Case on it

    i got not to much Space in my Room, but its ok for this

    this are the Shelves i gonna use for that

    6x Shelves with 450cm width and 300cm deep for PFs like T-800, Hellboy 2

    3x Shelves with 450cm width and 400cm deep for PFs like Darth Maul, King Leonidas

    hope y'all enjoyed it...

    other Pics comes later :-)
    Last edited by aslan_gfx; 05-05-2009 at 02:57 PM. Reason: IMG edit

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    Cool Collection, The display case that the Sith is standing on is that a acrylic case or a 20 gallon tall turned upsidedown with the trim removed

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    that is a very very nice setup...very simple but very nice i like it!

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    @ Yodee - thanks for the kind words, glad you like it i hope its going nicer when i finished the Work

    @ Sniperspawn - thanks also for the kind words... yep it is a Acrylic case with a mirrored back wall and the size are 80cm length, 30cm deep and 40cm high... fasteners with screws

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    The display will look 'museum-isque'. Make sure your screws are long enough for solid placements. Some PFs are really heavy
    You'll neva walk alone!

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    Yeah some PFs can be really heavy ... i hope the Shelves keep it safely

    According to description... it should work

    on that Pic the Shelve length is 100cm and can handle 40kg

    im on 45cm length... then maybe 15-20kg

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    If you just started to Collect Aslan, Then your Doomed like the rest of us

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    That's a pretty awesome display. A bunch of iconic characters all in one case. Looks great.

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    This is the same display set-up that I had in mind for my display, but mainly for Marvel PFs and Comiquettes, and with some lighting effect. I can't wait to see the progress of this.

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    @ Sniperspawn - i got the Signature since i joined Sideshow Freaks... need to change it

    @ KBA - thanks dude for the kind words, glad you like it... its a nice mix

    @ Rookie07 - i want also to put some lighting effects, maybe some LEDs from Ikea

    hey ya Freaks... me and my Uncle just finished the Work... im really happy with it and i think it looks really cool, it took 4 hours hard work...

    next step are the Acrylic cases and the T2 Poster

    now lets start with a pic of the beginning

    and thats the result

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