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    Default Re: Custom Marvel Superheroes (and actors)

    Jason Bateman IS Wolverine!

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    Ok, thanks for the long wait while I uploaded all those pics from my phone. If you have any questions please ask. I'm new(ish) to this forum. You guys seam very cool!!!! I'm not sure if there is a more appropriate place to share Marvel custom Superhero figures (for example, there is a specific section for customized DC figures). If there's not, anyone is welcome to share your 1/6 scale Marvel custom figures via this thread. Folks who customize their Hot Toys please step up!!!! Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GlobalObserver View Post

    Jason Bateman IS Wolverine!
    You're right. He kind of does look like J. Bateman!!!! But I still love it. Wolverine is my favorite Sup. And in all fairness to HTs, Hollywood has a tendency to make a person from this generation into a "star" because he or she looks like someone from a previous generation who was the same sort of good looking & successful (because good looking helps sell Hollywood's products; especially a familiar "good looking"). I've always thought Scarlett Johansson looks a little like Pamela Sue Martin (first person to play Nancy Drew on the Hardy Boys in 1970's). But the similarities in these folks facial features makes it even cooler for kitbasher's because with just a tweak here and there you have a completely new and authentic figure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dursocapjr78 View Post
    Lol. It's the nature of the Phicen figures. Fully clothed-you can see "this" on the guys and "that" on the girls. All PG-13 here though fellas!!!! Let's keep it classy.
    You tell folks to "keep it classy", and the very next pic is a close up of
    some breasts almost completely out of the figures top. I don't mind it,
    just think it is ironic.

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