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    Default Memphismayfire collection ! Hope you guys enjoy (UPDATED 11/05/17)

    Here is my collection , slowly taking pictures from all.
    Hope you guys like it ! thanks
    Last edited by memphismayfire85; 05-11-2017 at 04:51 AM.

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    Dracula' s are amazing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by blazio View Post
    Dracula' s are amazing!
    thanks man !

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    Nice pics! I kinda wish I'd picked up that Dracula.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GeneralZodLives View Post
    Nice pics! I kinda wish I'd picked up that Dracula.
    he is amazing , and im sad to see him go =(

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    Nice collection! Really like those Joker pics!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BagginsOfBagEnd View Post
    Nice collection! Really like those Joker pics!
    thanks a lot man !

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    Quote Originally Posted by memphismayfire85 View Post
    thanks a lot man !
    All of the figures look great. One head sculpt I dont like on one of your figures is the Luke Skywalker head sculpt. The head sculpt resembles Luke but also Han Solo for some weird reason(or maybe more of Han Solo). Joker looks great.

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    Glad to see your post photos of your collection memphismayfire, really enjoyed looking through them. All your figures are outstanding but your joker really stands out it is so so good.

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