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  1. Re: Are Hot Toys figures losing thier value on the secondary market?

    I am no scientist so this is just from personal experience and talking to other fellow collectors.

    My own Hot Toys Catwoman actually started flaking at year 5 but that figure is notoriously famous...
  2. Re: Are Hot Toys figures losing thier value on the secondary market?

    On average, pleather last 6-8yrs.

    Then say you paid $250.

    250/8 = $31.25 per year of enjoyment.

    If you look at it this way then its quite reasonable.

    But I see on Ebays some sellers...
  3. 1/6: Re: Fire Toys A025 Selina Kyle Anne Hathaway Hot Toys Copy Catwoman

    I have sold my Catwoman now so can't post comparison pictures but the Fire Toys one is definitely quite an improvement.

    The nose and area above the mouth all looks slightly different and the...
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    Re: Most Realistic 1/6 Female Head Sculpts?

    EG Black Widow would be my No.1

    Although we don't have it in hand yet, HT are renown to do at least as good if not better than their promo material.

    Would be even more realistic with rooted...
  5. 1/6: Re: Fire Toys Catwoman

    No, Those are not my pics. I sold my HT Catwoman ages ago although the flaking was very similar.

    They were just from a google search and they happen to be from this very Sideshow forum's 1/6 Hot...
  6. 1/6: Re: Hot Toys - MMS - Ant-Man and the Wasp - Ant-Man

    I just need the Wasp head sculpt on a phicen body in a white tee to finally get my Lost Kate Austen
  7. 1/6: Re: Fire Toys Catwoman

    Can I ask how much you paid?

    It would definitely be risky to pay RRP for a near 7yr old pleather figure.

    My wife collects a lot of pleather and leather handbags.
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    1/6: Re: Hot Toys 1/6 Avengers: Endgame Black Widow

    Yeah, I am the minority that likes rooted hair better as well.

    I don't mind the extra work with gel and stuff as once set, she will be in a detolf anyway.

    I would rather have a more realistic...
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