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    Re: Big Chief Studios BBC Sherlock

    I would actually love a second Sherlock to have in coat and out of coat. But no way I can do that, sadly! LOL. So I'll just have to settle for changing it out from time to time. :)
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    Re: Big Chief Studios - 1/6 Doctor Who - #04 Tom Baker

    I don't think the 5 o'clock shadow will be an issue with any more classic Doctors. BCS seemed to have heard us loud and clear. At least, I hope not.
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    Re: Big Chief Studios 1/6 Amy Pond

    I think your comments are fair. I'm excited to get the replacement head. I think she'll look much better. I struggled to do something with her hair, and I untied the section that's tied up and held...
  4. Re: Hot Toys SDCC 2012 Ex Captain America Rescue Version Official Specs & Pics

    Weird, mine doesn't seem to have any leg problems.
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