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  1. Re: LF someone who can sew/repair 12" hot toys figure

    I would really appreciate it. Even if I could sew ( and I can't) my RA would probably cause me to butcher it.
  2. LF someone who can sew/repair 12" hot toys figure

    Hi I'm sure this is incredibly easy for so many of you, but I'm mainly a collector & just dabble in customizing for my own amusement.

    I have the first version of the Hot Toys 12" Emperor's Royal...
  3. Re: FS: Hot Toys - Sideshow - Clonetroopers - Star Wars

    PM sent!
  4. Re: Custom 1/6 scale Terrifier Art the clown

    It never fails - get in a car accident, find your favorite horror figure. Sigh. I would buy it in a heartbeat if I wasn't buried in medical bills. I absolutely love it.
  5. Re: Sideshow 1:6 Star Wars exclusives and repaints for sale CHEAP

    Do you have some pictures? I might be interested in an emperor or apprentice.
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    Re: Marvel and Star Wars Hot Toys for sale

    PM regarding Death Trooper sent!
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    Re: Gentle Giant Death Troopers Statue

    I don't know if anyone was still interested in this, but I finally received mine the other day. I don't really collect statues or busts (I'm a SW 1/6 figure and 1:1 helmet kind of gal...occasionally...
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    Re: Sideshow ESB/ROTJ Darth Vader

    In most of the pictures I see of this figure, the pants seem to look way too baggy. Or maybe the first picture I saw they appeared to be that way, and I can't seem to shake the image or focus on...
  9. AF: Re: Tauntaun life size bust from Jabba's Palace

    I apologize for bringing the thread back from that Great Beyond Where Old Posts Languish for all Eternity :frank but I stumbled on this while looking for pictures of custom painted 1/6 Scale Hasbro...
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    Re: Sideshow 1/6 Commander Wolffe

    It was easier to preorder all these figures when I thought they came out in different months. Now I might have to reconsider & cancell a few (but not Wolffe or Malgus-aw HELL no!:rotfl), & maybe...
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    Re: Sideshow 1/6 Imperial Probe Droid

    I don't know...I share the concerns: my 1st was why are we getting this before the "real" characters, & my 2nd was thinking it's a tad pricey, especially w/ shipping thrown in. I hate these gimmicks...
  12. Re: Need help removing a Medicom body head

    any body suggestions? You hot shots toss the acronyms around like red headed stepchildren - then I start looking at all these bodies to choose from and want to go cry in the corner! :D
  13. Need help removing a Medicom body head

    I recently started down the wonderful, addictive path of customizing, but unfortunately I have a lot of really stupid questions....most of them are probably redundant, silly & unfortunately...
  14. Sticky: Re: Confirmed Upcoming Sideshow Star Wars Releases: 1/6 Figures and Accessories

    I would love a Cad Bane as well, maybe some some specialized troops like Bacara's Snow Troopers, Underwater Troopers, Flame Trooper, Space Troopers, & maybe even an Death Trooper that can be...
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    Re: SDCC Exclusive 12" Aayla Secura

    She's easily one of my favorite Jedi ( I've even dressed up as her for local show, movie releases and Sci Fi stuff. However I DID manage to snag her on EBAY,:panic::monkey5 I can't really gloat about...
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    AF: View Post

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    Re: Mezco new 15" Chucky Doll

    I have the 1:1 Seed of Chucky-if Mezco would make one that size I would be all over it. I have to keep my other 1 in a box since I pulled a small prank on my husband & left it in his Lazyboy chair...
  18. Re: DAM Toys Zombie German Officer Kruger Sixth Scale Figure

    As someone said, maybe I CAN have that 1/6 Dead Snow Line up (love that flick, just make sure you watch it subtitled, not dubbed!) but at that price I think I'll just leave it 'as is' - until the...
  19. Re: Hi from the Ghoul, & I apologize in advance!

    Thanks Wendy - nice to meet you!
  20. Re: Hi from the Ghoul, & I apologize in advance!

    Thanks all! If my 1st few attempts don't scare small children or incite hysterical laughter, I'll share. :D But you can see my current "hoard" HERE (although it doesn't show the medicom stormie, &...
  21. Hi from the Ghoul, & I apologize in advance!

    Hi all!
    So I've been lurking for about a week or two, & I've already picked up a ton of amazing tips on sculpting & building - thank you so much! I figured I should stop being the creep in the...
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    Hello from the Chicago Ghoul

    Hi all - I've been lurking for a few weeks, and in that time I've already learned some amazing things & tips from you all - THANK YOU! I've also be going through all your custom threads and admiring...
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