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    Default DIMIC - a new blog covering all our interests

    We started a (new) blog: DIMIC.
    If you're bored enough, please drop us a visit

    Bear in mind though, English is not our native language so don't trash us

    If this isn't the appropriate place to put this, please let me know

    Kind regards
    Ingis & Ikaryas

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    Just got the interview with Jerry from Pop Culture Shock back in!
    View it here:
    Everyone Loves Pie « DIMIC

    Oh, and don't forget to follow us on Twitter or Facebook!

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    Quote Originally Posted by I and I View Post
    If you're bored enough, please drop us a visit
    I'm bored! I'll have a look!

    EDIT: Looks pretty awesome!
    Definitely liked the Forza Motorsport 3 and Thor (the movie) reviews!
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    Pretty cool! I liked the Megan Lara artwork you have there!

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    Very cool...I started a blog myself but got bored after writing 2 things.
    <a href=http://s557.photobucket.com/user/dollhousefan/media/Banner6_zpsd0705d47.jpg.html target=_blank rel=nofollow><img src=http://i557.photobucket.com/albums/ss13/dollhousefan/Banner6_zpsd0705d47.jpg border=0 alt= /></a>

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    thanks all ^^ doing our best
    god knows we've got enough stuff

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    finally found the time to take pictures of our Kingdom Hearts Formation Arts volumes.
    The first one can be found here:
    Kingdom Hearts – Formation Arts Volume 1 « DIMIC

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    latest posts:

    Ingway! Please, don’t use that secret magic! « DIMIC
    Saying things like this always makes me wonder... Why not? Secret magic is always more fun, otherwise old grey dudes wouldn't make it 'secret' and a lot of movies, books and games would be downright boring. But that's not what this review is about. No, this review is about a wonderful PVC figure made by Yamato; Velvet from Odin Sphere!
    Kingdom Hearts – Formation Arts Volume 3 « DIMIC
    And since all things must end sometime, it's time to conclude the Kingdom Hearts Formation Arts series by reviewing the last volume. So here it is, volume three. *thum thum thummmm*

    Nervous yet?
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    Handsome fighters never lose a battle. « DIMIC
    We only went to buy one statue from a fellow (now ex-) collector who lives quite nearby. And we came home with three... This is one of those times I have to confirm to myself that I'm, or we for that matter, are as mad as a hatter!
    This is the oldest of the three we bought; Street Fighter Vega exclusive from Pop Culture Shock.
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