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    Default Re: DIMIC - a new blog covering all our interests

    As long as there’s music, I’ll keep on dancing. DIMIC
    One of the most eye catching games on the new generation of consoles was, without any doubt, Bayonetta. Not only did I buy the Climax Edition (and some other stuff) from this awesome game, I also bought something really nice on Ebay about two weeks ago featuring the sexy Bayonetta!
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    I want to steal you away… all of you. DIMIC
    As you might know, Darkstalkers is one of my favorite fighting games. I just love the characters and the fighting system feels a lot better than Street Fighter for instance. Of course, that's a personal opinion. I do like some of the Street Fighter statues but personally, not a lot come near my Felicia. And finally, I now also have the first from that line! I'm talking about none other than Morrigan!


    Watermelon! Jummmm DIMIC
    One of my favorite characters in the Mario universe has to be Yoshi. I love that green dinosaur and all his other colored friends. Or are they family? Don't know, but I love them! They're cute, they're fluffy and they can sing. What's not to like?
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    a lot of updates since the last post here... will try to keep it updated here as well from new to old:

    Furuta Mario Choco Eggs Series 1-3 DIMIC
    Before we started collecting 'large' statues, our main focus were PVC, plush and gashapons. One of our favorite series is the Super Mario line from Furuta. They're just so awesome!

    Litll’ Vader DIMIC
    Star Wars commercial

    Hey, did you hurt yourself? DIMIC
    an Diego Comic Con started yesterday and holy moly, there are already pretty things announced. They're just jumping around for my attention. If you are reading this blog regularly, you'll know that we are really into games and everything around it. Something I love to do now and then is putting a good old fighter in a console and smash the buttons on the controller to lose from my girlfriend almost every single time. I know, frustrating, but I still haven't found a support group for this problem...

    Quick, grab a bucket!! DIMIC
    Things just have a habit of getting leaked...

    Next time, I suggest you try fighting back. DIMIC
    First off, sorry for the lack of updates here on DIMIC. Ingis decided to take me on a surprise holiday to see my family and to visit a theme park. Didn't have any access to the Internet there, so no DIMIC posts... Anyhow, we're back and Sideshow surprised us with a new premium format reveal on SDCC!

    Mission accomplished! I better inform the colonel… DIMIC
    I already told you that we only went to buy one statue from a fellow (ex) collector. Well, this was that statue... Strangely we arrived home with three. How did that happen? Ah well, I already talked about the Vega exclusive we bought so it's time for the next one; Cammy.

    Don’t be such a guppy! DIMIC
    I loved watching Disney animation films when I was little. Heck, I still love to watch them. One of my first own videos was The Little Mermaid. Oh, how I loved that movie. Couldn't get enough of it! So, it's getting really hard to withstand the fantastic Electric Tiki line when I saw that they're going to release a statue from my favorite mermaid; Ariel!

    All work and no play makes Kanako a dull girl DIMIC
    You probably already know that I like to question people and since the previous interview with Pop Culture Shock went really well I thought about interviewing another company. I thought long and hard and finally figured out which company/artist/person was next. This particular company also makes game related statues but no Capcom. They made the Sonics I already reviewed and a lot more that's on my to-do list. Of course, these will be reviewed after my last exam. Still have to do 2. Hence the fact that I haven't posted anything for a while. Bugger...
    Anyhow, this time, it's First 4 Figures their turn!
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    And by nothing, I mean everything. DIMIC
    The whole thing that makes collecting bearable, and affordable, is being able to set boundaries on what you collect. Well, technically, setting them isn't the hard part. Keeping them in place is... We started out collecting games, then we started to buy game related merchandise like gashapons and PVCs. Then the premium formats entered our life, starting with Darth Talon (coming soon on DIMIC) and She-Hulk. So far, we succeeded in keeping those newest boundaries although with great effort. But Kotobukiya just made it harder again to keep them in place with their newest prototype pictures for the next in line of their Bishoujo's; Mystique.

    A funky Tiki is all you need DIMIC
    And finally, the last interview that I've send found it's way back to me. This time I'm grilling a company that's fairly new on our radar. Read on if you want to know more about Electric Tiki Design!

    I had a dream DIMIC
    And more Star Wars commercials! This time they're parodies on Windows 7 and they're kinda funny...

    Keep the buckets coming!! DIMIC
    And another statue got leaked before its reveal, this time it was the Jessica Rabbit Premium Format. This one is also going on our 'keep-a-close-eye-on'-list, she looks gorgeous!

    Must you keep left? DIMIC
    I found new Star Wars commercials, and they're funny! Listen to Darth Vader and Yoda giving directions... Or at least trying to. I'm betting that a lot of people would get confused listening to these 'directions'.

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    sorry for the double post but I just finished the review:

    Keumaya – Pink Goat Daughter [NSFW] DIMIC
    I like sexy figures and one of my favorites are those from Keumaya. These figures take the detailed aspect so far that two of his figures have been banned on the Comiket toy fair in Japan. Yeah, I really like these figures even though I would never display them in the living room... Orrr maybe I would ^^

    Rrrrreally not safe for work. Also not suitable for people under the age of 18. Not that you'd care, you'll probably click anyway. Just saying.

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    All right, if you live, you’re in. DIMIC
    And finally, it's time to review our last Pop Culture Shock statue. If you've read my previous reviews, you'll already know how this one came into our possession. For those that do not know this already; we bought this one together with Vega and Cammy, both exclusives also, from a fellow ex-collector. Yeah, also exclusives! That's right. Now it's the time for our M. Bison SideShow Collectibles Exclusive!

    Get over here! DIMIC
    Like I mentioned a while (almost 3 months) ago, Pop Culture Shock acquired a new license; Mortal Kombat. They also already announced their first MK statue which would be of Scorpion. Since he's one kick-ass character and all-time favorite of most people who ever played any of the Mortal Kombat games, he was wildly anticipated. And today he finally went in pre-order. So, get over here!

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    Darkness calls to darkness. It calls to you. DIMIC
    It used to be that way that Ingis and I didn't collect anything not game related. We did look at other kinds of statues and such, but we agreed on not deviating from the plan. I liked the Disney premium formats a lot and Ingis drooled over a green Marvel chick and a red one from Star Wars. When we finally agreed that we would buy other kind of statues (but to stick with the premium format ones), we jumped on the wait-list for the She-Hulk, ordered the Maleficent and hunted down both Evil Queen and Darth Talon! All exclusives. Of course.

    Either you pay me or I flay you alive… with my mind. DIMIC
    I love to play games, like you all know. I've played a lot of games and loved a lot of them but most of the time when the game ends, I really don't think about it anymore. But there are some games I played that will stay forever in my gamers heart. Some franchises you will never forget and really leave a deep impression when the credits are rolling over the screen. There are a few game from the last generation consoles who left that impression on me. Names? Well uh .. Bioshock 1, Gears of War, Alan Wake and, of course, Mass Effect 2. I never did play the first one. I know, shame on me.

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    Stop screamin’ like a girl at a Backstreet Boys concert! DIMIC
    One of the major downsides that comic reading brought us was that we started to get interested in various Marvel characters. At first, I didn't really like this statue. Well, I didn't disliked it but it wasn't on my wanted list. Then I started to read X-23 in which a certain Cajun also appeared. I started to like him. A lot. And then I started to stare at a certain statue. And that was a big mistake...

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    I _____ing hate war wasps. DIMIC
    One of the only companies that makes nice game statues is First 4 Figures. It's also one of my favorite companies. They made (and are making) excellent Zelda, Sonic and Metroid Prime statues. On of their earliest Metroid Prime statues was the sexy Samus Aran in her Zero Suit. That suit first appeared in the GBA game Metroid: Zero Mission where she was striped of her Power Suit. And I don't think many will find it a bad thing she was 'striped'...

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    Okay, Fire Sorcerer! Do your thing! DIMIC
    Every once in a while I can convince Ingis to buy something that isn't necessarily, totally, completely in agreement of our collecting boundaries. Technically, Yu-Gi-Oh isn't a game so normally, no Yu-Gi-Oh merchandise. One can argue though that, despite the fact it started as a card game, there are many games made of this wonderful TCG (Trading Card Game). So, technically, it's game merchandise what I bought. Jay me!

    How about an unpolished vampire? DIMIC
    One of the only interesting product previews from Sideshow Collectibles on SDCC (San Diego Comic Con) was the Vampirella Premium Format. And finally, we've got the full review. And I saw it was goooooood!!!

    Oh, on a side note... I know that Vampirella isn't a vampire (technically) but I like that sentence

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