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Thread: FROZEN 2

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    Default FROZEN 2

    As a self proclaimed Disney nut, Frozen was a surprising twist for the whole fairy tale story.

    I was pleasantly surprised with the darkness in the story. Some really genuine funny moments also. I think it deserved all the attention it got. It was a good film. Especially for the kids.

    As far as Let it Go , it was a great vocal song and a really good arraignment. Swiftly ruined by repetitive none stop attention. Idinia Menzel (guessing on the spelling) has one of the best voices I have ever heard. Her range is tremendous. But I was already a fan from seeing her perform live in Wicked.....I swear you could feel the wave of air coming though the theater and hit you in the face when she hit some notes.....it was quite impressive.

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    The music overall for the first movie was amazing. I hope the sequel has equally amazing soundtrack.

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    Its going to make a crap ton of money. Ive got kids and saw the first one a bajillion times.

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