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    Default Re: Uneeded Sequels.......


    I've spouted my hate for Highlander 2 a million times on forums, but it also works in the spirit of this thread as I only own the first movie. The movie was a closed book. Even the marginally better Highlander 3 still doesn't work as a sequel concept.

    The TV series and it's movie spin-offs also IMO should have ignored the Connor character. It would have been perfectly fine to have a TV series based on the concept of the first movie but not set in the same canon.
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    Die Hard. I have no desire to own the last movie, but, in all honesty, I feel like one could’ve been enough. Same with Rambo. I get that each film has its fans, but I feel like they drastically change the intent of the original the more action heavy and insane they get. Rocky’s the weird one because it’s had it’s ups and it’s had some definite downs, but it’s one of those series where I can look at the original and then look at Rocky Balboa and Creed and see them as enriching that mythology, rather than deconstructing it.

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    Die hard and Lethal Weapon share the same vein....

    Everything we needed to know was done in the first film.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShanLan View Post
    ....I enjoyed The Exorcist III. The Crow: City Of Angels is a guilty pleasure. It has Iggy Pop, and was directed by Tim Pope. What more could I need?

    I only own the first;

    The Michael Bay Transformers.
    LOTR: Fellowship of the Rings
    Star Trek movie reboot
    Pirates Of The Caribbean: Curse Of The Black Pearl
    Jurassic Park

    Not sure if this is serious or not.

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