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    Default Re: Director Luc Besson is tired of superhero movies!

    Sorry but I trust my own eyes and not what "hollywood reporter" writes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RIDDICK View Post
    Sorry but I trust my own eyes and not what "hollywood reporter" writes.
    Literally dozens of separate news sites make the same report. If you want to dispute each and every one of them then the burden of proof is on you.


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    Valerian's biggest problem is it's antagonists Valerian and Laureline. The characters felt very apathetic and I was confused if they had a personal relationship especially at the beginning. They also didn't seem to be challenged by much in the story. It didn't help that Dehaan and Delevingne were awful at their parts which I blame purely on the director Besson. A better director could've improved the characters by encouraging better performances out of their actors.
    It sounds to me like Besson is deflecting the criticism of his Valerian by pointing out the faults of far more successful movies.

    Captain America may sound goofy, but it's a 76 year old icon. Funnily enough, at least to my American ears Valerian sounds like a poor name for the hero of your story.

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    BREAKING NEWS: Person who made good movies through 1994 has an opinion about something! More at 11.

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