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    Default Re: Disney's Lion King (CGI Remake)

    Quote Originally Posted by Ehollywood View Post
    I want a Live Action Lilo and Stitch. Thic Islanders and all
    They'll give the lead to a white Disney Channel actress so my preference would be no.

    Quote Originally Posted by M United View Post
    What's up with the rotten RT score? Is it that bad? Trailers look amazing.
    There have been a few highly negative reviews, one stated that the filmmakers fundamentally misunderstood the original film's appeal and that the new film is a textbook example of the uncanny valley.

    Quote Originally Posted by The Clown Prince of Crime View Post
    Tom Hanks can play Woody...or Christian Bale. He can use his morphing powers to turn in to a 12 inch plastic doll.
    The rumor is a dream pairing of Kevin Hart as Woody and Idris Elba as Buzz.
    "Star Wars" - The Tribune - June 1977

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    Saw a leaked version of mufasa’s death on YouTube. It was so awkward

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    The whole 'live action' angle is a misplaced gimmick.

    It would be like making an animated "Crawl".

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