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    Default Re: JERRY VANDERSTELT Licensed LOTR art & happenings

    Great work as usual, Jerry.

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    I'm going to CV!!! What booth ur gonna be at? I know that I've been eye balling the print ur gonna be selling!

    And Josh....u want me to pick u up something?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bamboota View Post
    And Josh....u want me to pick u up something?
    Sure! That would be awesome of ya.

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    I don't have a booth number, but I'll be in the Artis's Alley area nery Acme Archives.


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    It's so fluffy!!!
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    how much do these usually run? I love the ringwraith piece

    Edit: saw yur post JV, pm sent

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    Put me down for one of the paper Ring Wraiths please!

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    I like to say that your 'Clash of the Kings' really looks astonishing..

    Question1; I'm slightly more of an Indiana Jones fan than LOTR. Do you still have 'large' Indiana artwork for sale also? Can't find any on your ebay site. Especially an artwork with the Indy you've done on the one titled 'LucasArt Portfolio piece' (right upper corner) is amazing. There also is a sketchcard version of it.

    Q2; What size will a canvas giclée be, same as the paper version?
    Q3; Are you planning of doing Indiana and/or Star Wars as canvas versions too?

    Btw; All your artwork is
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    The IJ art is not going to happen unless Acme Archives wants to run one of my IJ pieces. It falls under their license contract, etc.
    Size of the LOTr piece swill ikely be 20x30 surface size once it has been gallery wrapped, which is how the canvases will come to your door. Paper versions will be maybe 18 x 24 or 16 x 20. I'll announce final dimensions once the're approved.

    Canvases will run about $350 each completely gallery wrapped ready to hang shipped to your door in the USa, etc.

    Papers will probably be around $95 -$100



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    Put me down for a paper gandalf and strider, pm sent : ) they look great. I'd take all 4 if I had the wall space, beautiful work!

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    Wow Jerry, these look great.

    I'll pm with my order


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